PLAYBOY SPECIAL EDITION - THE 10 YEARS OF PICTORIALS (Another full Playboy issue dedicated to my work)

Back in the golden days of Playboy, the queen of the Bunny pages was the archetypal girl next door. This wholesome image never failed to find love with the "standing there, smiling and not acting up or doing anything stupid" look.

Thankfully, the image of women in Playboy has changed dramatically. For the past decade, my main pictorial work was focused on photographing "real" women and girls, women who have been empowered, independent and successful - sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Some were at least one, and some are all of it.

On May 30th 2019, I was celebrating with each and every one of them through a Special Edition of Playboy Slovenia which features photographs from the latter half of my 18-year career with the magazine.

I am extremely proud to have an entire issue dedicated to my photography and honored to having been able to showcase all the mesmerizing beauty once more - in the vanishing art form of print. 

On the cover: Ula Furlan, actress, model, TV host and author. 
See the "making of" BTS video here.

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