I love American Apparel - and American Apparel loves me back!

I am a huge fan of American Apparel.
I love their philosophy. I love Dov Charney's vision.
I love their ads (they use employees and friends instead of models, but those with Sasha Grey, Faye Reagan, Charlotte Stokely and other hipster porn lolitas are the raunchiest advertising pieces still allowed - though not everywhere, mind you).

Their wonderfully kinky & just perfectly sleazy stuff is not available this side of the Alps, so I sometimes grab a piece in their shops in Vienna (nearest), London, LA or Las Vegas (Outlet!!!).

I love to incorporate their stuff into my work - on models and my photographs. I think it is the "perfect amount of stable foam" on the cappuccino of sexiness.

>>But there's more! One fine day I received this letter in my inbox:
Hi, Ales! I work at American Apparel and we're huge fans of your erotica and glamour work!

Michelle Lemay
American Apparel

To prove it Michelle sent a huge package full of wonderful stuff - so huge that the completely incompetent FedEx Slovenia held it for 15 days, not knowing how to handle a priority express shipment.
Thanks for the effort, Michelle, our mutual platonic love just bloomed. Now if there was any way to meet Dov...

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