LIGHTING UNVEILED - a lighting guide book by Ales Bravnicar

As every journey starts with a single step, so does the philosophy of lighting. To work with many lights one must first to know how to master a single one. One light can do miracles if you know how to use it correctly. I started shooting photographs when my father, back in the day a hobby photographer himself, entrusted me his most prized possession – a 1938 chrome Leica IIIc. As my hunger for mastering and taming the light grew, so did the amount of lights I used in my work. I always wanted to tell stories with photos. Photos must speak. Sometimes they whisper, sometimes they scream, but they must always touch the viewer. Before I knew it I was creating stories while shooting fashion, glamour and nudes and loved every second of it.

I recall Françoise Bernard, the former senior editor of French Elle, asking me to come to Paris after our collaboration on shooting the fashion editorial for the first issue of Elle Slovenia. I decided not to grab that opportunity. It was a chance of a lifetime, but I had other plans. I was soon contributing to all the greatest men’s magazines the likes of Maxim and FHM, but it was the editors of Playboy that hired me for the first job I really felt passionate about – shooting nudes for a living. For the past 12 years of contributing for Playboy my pictorials have been published in almost all international editions and the assignments have taken me to more than 80 countries around the globe.

Painting with light has always been a passion of mine, be it in the studio or in the field. I learned the immaculate ability to master any lighting scenario and create artful images out of what sometimes seemed to be an impossible situation without compromise. Since 2010 I expanded my philosophy further – I now firmly believe sharing is power and have decided to reveal my lighting secrets to the world, hoping to inspire everybody to become a better photographer.

The book you have before you is not your every day educational instruction booklet. It is a passionate account of love for beautiful pictures, great poses and before all, masterfully skilled lighting techniques. For those of you who are on the lookout for a well-written, down-to-earth lighting book, compiled by a professional photographer skilled in dealing with light and shadow, look no further! With years of expertise in the most varied of lighting situations, from outdoors to the complex studio sets, this book is a veritable treasure trove of information from the first-hand account of a photographer who has been shooting fashion and glamour for many leading magazines with franchises all around the globe.

In the book you will find 15 different lighting scenarios. You can explore the detailed lighting diagrams, follow step-by-step instructions or create your own amazing images by learning all the rules and intentionally tweaking or breaking them. It is all about you – the book will help reaching out of your comfort zone and have you experiment in ways you never did before. You will gain professional lighting skills and as your confidence grows, your lighting thechniques will improve. There are many battlefields in the tough world of photography business. If you are one step ahead of your competition, you have already won.

All the details about the book are found on the website.

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