It is the omnipresent question on all my workshops and seminars.
Everybody wants to know - can it be done?
The answer is: Yes, it is possible to have your photos published during the process of learning photography! Many of you might be too afraid to give it a try, but you just may be holding back your creative potential without realizing it.

My promise to seminar attendees was always not only to create an event where they would shoot some of the most beautiful models and have one hell of a good time doing it, but also ending up with usable material for future publication. 

When you return home with your images, it is where your journey really begins. Most attendees from my workshops bring back photographs that could be sent to the editors without embarrassment and are frequently approved for publication. 

And here is the proof: The photographs I shot as a mentor at last year’s STC Workshop with Neža Marolt were published on the cover and inside Playboy magazine, fashion model Barbara Sorčič, who posed for me as guest photographer at Samo Vidic Workshop in 2014 got a two-page spread in Playboy with an image I shot there and this March at STC Miami, through popular demand, I set up a “classic” Playboy set, only to land a full page photo of model Jade Amber Williams in the magazine we all grew to love.  

The fruits of my 4-day May 2015 workshop in Pelješac, Croatia manifested as another Playboy cover, this time with the wonderful Manca Mlakar, and numerous other educational travels around the globe all resulted in worldwide published pictorials, catalogues and campaign images. 

I hope this answers the big question. Remember, your future lies in your hands. Just add a pinch of love to what you do and your world of photography is ready for a major boost. 

The next lightning bolt of inspiration is happening this October in Santorini.

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