Time Never Dies. The Circle is not round.

"With a shriek birds flee across the black sky, people are silent, my blood aches from waiting..."
Meša Selimović

(The title and the quote are from BEFORE THE RAIN, one of the best Macedonian films of all times and one of my eternal favourites. The movie was directed by Milcho Manchevski and shot in London and in a wild, remote Macedonian region of Mariovo, among the rocky plateaus and stone houses of two beautiful if mostly deserted villages Štavica and Zovik. The movie - which was nominated for an Academy Award and won the Golden Lion in Venice - has a KILLER SOUNDTRACK composed by a Macedonian group of musicians called Anastasia. Their music is a blend combining Byzantine past, Orthodox Church music and a rich gamut of ethnic Macedonian rhythms.)

On the photograph: Štavica (Shtavica) village in Mariovo, where a large part of the movie was shot.

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