How professional photographers are being f***** by kids with cameras

In 2005, Getty Images licensed 1.4 million preshot commercial photos. Last year, it licensed 22 millions. Most of the work was generated through amateurs submitting their digital work.
Every 20-something kid with a $2000 digital camera nowadays thinks he is a professional master fashion/commercial/portrait photographer because he knows how to slide some switches in Lightroom and shoots his androgynous friends who brag enthusiastically about their underexposed, badly composed portraits on Facebook and Twitter. The concept of photography has gone downhill for the professionals, but not because of the growing competition - it has collapsed mostly because those amateurs are largely happy to be paid anything for their photos, just for the sake of being published somewhere. Or even not paid at all. They never follow any rules, never read any books on photography and cannot name any true master photographers. They just shoot what they see and like. But when presented with a serious assignment the lack of mileage becomes apparent - the results are shitty ad campaigns, rheumatic fashion poses and catastrophic lighting.

The ad agencies do not seem to matter, willingly ignoring the quality for the sake of profit they make.

What a sad story.

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