Land of Fairy Chimneys

A recent assignment took me to Turkey, to Cappadocia's prettiest village Goreme, where three neighbor volcanoes formed a land right out of a fairytale. Cappadocia sure has its share of romantic lodgings and one of the most beautiful is Ali Yavuz' boutique cave hotel Kelebek.

Ali was the first to set up an upmarket hotel on his family property (including a couple of fairy chimneys set in a spectacular location above Goreme) in this former backpacker hamlet and soon many others followed.

He recently added a fully fledged turkish bath (hammam) and now operates three adjacent hotels - Kelebek, Sultan and Taskonak. Their service is one of the most hospitable in Cappadocia, be it horse riding, ballooning with their very own Butterfly Balloons (see the vids), full moon BBQs, fine anatolian dining in Seten Restaurant and much, much more.

Here are some of my photos of Kelebek cave hotel, commissioned by Mr. Ali. Enjoy.

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