Out of Africa - a roaring Playboy Pictorial

»It was an offer I couldn't refuse« joked Lana Petanić, one of Croatia's most successful models, when asked about her recent trip to Africa with Shoot The Centerfold team. She dreamt about such voyage since she was 14.  »I do travel a lot for modelling, but never to those parts of the world.« After the big invitation she packed her bags and jumped on the next southbound plane to Namibia with us.
The trip was a great one – it took the STC team through several climate zones, landscapes, local villages and wildlife reserves, adding to more than 3600 kilometers in just 11 days. The scenery was breathtaking everywhere we stopped and new panoramic vistas waited around each new corner.
The weather was quite cold for African standards (it was winter time) and sometimes the temperatures fell below zero at night, but the determination was stronger - Lana braved the winds, sand, thorns and mosquitoes in the almost holy quest for the perfect picture.
The results of Lana's great posing can now be seen in Playboy magazine. As a fashion model she had no difficulties adapting the poses to glamour guidelines. »I am really happy I did it! It was hard work, but it was totally worth it!« Her famous last parting words at the airport? »Amazing land, amazing people and an amazing team.«  Lana, the feelings are mutual.

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